Bucket Lists… You’re never too young

I see bucket lists as fluid documents. The things you can do now or want to do now—things we wish we were brave enough now to do but we hope that some day we will have enough courage to do it— things we can’t afford to do— as a parent, I often excuse something for when the kids get bigger or out of the house—things that are unreasonable like go into space… probably not going to happen— things you’d like to change about yourself… sometimes these are huge and sometimes they are really small.

We started a dinner group at church where you have dinner with about seven other folks it is called Feast. We read scripture and discuss it and then talk- keeping it simple. So when we were introducing ourselves we had to say our name and something on our bucket list. John said he hadn’t really thought about his bucket list and our friend Brad said, “Well sweetie that’s ’cause you’re so young.” John later asked me if I had thought about a bucket list… yes! I absolutely have. You are never ever too young to start a bucket list- life is short. I don’t plan on trying to jam pack my plans in my older years or look back at my life with regrets. Some things have been important to me and in five to ten years I may not even remember that they were so important in the moment.

This photo is from a year ago a from now.

Since this blog is called “Gingerliciousness- Growing in Gumption” I think I should explain that more. If you didn’t get the gingerliciousness part- Well my daughter Maggie is obsessed with Pinkalicious. It is a play and a book series. She saw the children’s play at Roanoke Children’s Theatre and has been hooked to the character and books ever since. I have been adding licious to the end of everything for a while. Ginger is a slang term for a redhead and I just put the two things together… we are kind of fond of our redheaded family. About the gumption part- I needed to grow personally. I wasn’t being my true self and allowing myself to be “owned” by opinions and thoughts of others. It was sort of my new years resolution to grow in gumption and lose weight. I have accomplished both things this year. I am not an introvert or an extrovert. I’m one of those mystical people that fall in-between. My weight and my back/hip pain had turned me into an introvert more than I was appreciating. I used to write all the time as a child. It was my therapy and it’s really what I wanted to do when I grew up. I wrote so many poems- you’d be surprised. I started writing at eleven years old and two poems were published by the time I was thirteen. I journaled to get so much out of my head all throughout high school and college. I knew if I was going to grow in gumption this year I needed to write. I love telling stories- any of my former students will tell you I can tell a good story, but most people that are not in my close inner circle didn’t see this before my blog. In this blog I am telling stories, opinions and my thoughts on this process, but mostly it is about me having enough gumption- guts, balls, stamina, strength- to say what I’m honestly thinking. I used to duck behind what I thought and I’m not willing to hide anymore.

october 2012
This is me this week a year ago.

My bucket list goals / new years resolutions for 2013 were folding out in front of you. As we head nearer to 2014, I would like for you look back on the blogging of 2013 with this perspective- I am pretty open about my life and have a whole lot more gumption and a deeper personality than many people had any idea. I am about 30 lbs lighter. I have a new hair style. I can run— oh yeah buddy that’s a big one. I exercise regularly. I have stood my ground on a few relationships that I needed to up my gumption with- they weren’t healthy. I took a pottery class and learned about throwing on a wheel… I’m not good at it. I plan on taking this again at a later time. I went on a train ride… ha several train rides. I sort of came out of the closet about where I attend church, because being quiet about it isn’t showing my true self. I got a new doctor… this was a big step for me… she helped me get the ball rolling on a few issues and I feel cared for and listened to ~  before this year I didn’t even have enough gumption to detach myself from the doctor that wasn’t helping me at all. In summation, I came to the decision at the new years turn to change and really change. I prayed a lot about how to make these changes in myself. 2013 still has some more big changes in store for me… I have 3 months left and I’m not done yet.

May 2013
John and I May of 2013

My Bucket List

It had other items on it, but I can’t remember them now… I have never written this down like this as I’m young, but it is time to write it down to keep track of it. There are some more private goals that are not on this list, but I’m looking forward to making this a fluid list full of accomplishments along the way.


* Travel by train-  √ summer 2013

* Travel to England/Scotland/Ireland

* Travel to Canada

* Travel to Vermont

* Take a Mediterranean Cruise

* Hot air balloon ride

* Take the kids to a Disney theme park

* Go to SeaWorld


* Walk a mile without pain- √ spring 2013

* Run a mile- √ spring 2013

* Run 2 miles – √ summer 2013

* Run a 5k- √ summer 2013

* Run a 10k

* Run a half marathon

* I can swim but I’d like to improve my skills.


* Learn to throw pottery on a wheel- √ summer 2013

* Take a dance class with my husband

* Take horseback riding lessons

* Healthy enough hips and knees to take ski lessons

* Voice lessons

* Learn to play the clarinet- why specifically this instrument I have no idea…

Cooking/Baking- Note most of these are completed… that’s what working in the home does for ya!

* Bake a cake entirely from scratch for my daughter’s birthday- √ summer 2010

* Bake a pumpkin pie entirely from scratch- roasting pumpkin and all – √ fall 2010

* Bake an apple pie entirely from scratch- √ fall 2011

* Learn how to stuff and bake a turkey!!! I didn’t lift it but I did stuff it November 2013

* Master soft cookie making- summer 2010

oct 6
This is a picture of me today.



* Find a church to attend- √ spring 2010

* Volunteer for a pet shelter

* Serve on a Board of Directors – √ fall 2011

* Swim with a dolphin

* Write a book

* Do the voice for a cartoon character

* Positive self image- That’s always a work in progress

* Dye my hair a silly color- I have never colored my hair not even highlights.

* Sing karaoke with my husband

* Parasailing- me and heights over water are not friends.

* Sing at church in the choir