Running Dreamer

I had one of the most vivid and amazing running dreams. Maybe…. I will finally get back to it. 
I was running just for the fun and adventure of it. I did not care of pace but careful of the terrain. I was not running towards or away from anything. It relapsed several times and only changed in the small details. 

I started in a field with little around me architecturally speaking, but light green grass so tall it had fallen upon itself in waves. The path I was on was dirt like an old truck path. I ran up the right tire track. The left side was open but the median of the two tires was pressed down thick yellow green grass. Then the path became overgrown with weeds and grass taller than me and narrowed to only the right path. The path now appeared to be a present deer path and no longer a road. 

The trail turned into a wide open and mostly dirt road but this part was tricky because the dirt was inundated with thick white and overgrown roots. I had to watch my steps as I darted through the roots. After that obstacle, it went into mossy green rocks and a small stream that was easily and quickly passed. 

Once over a little embankment of the stream, I came upon a single deer path again. The deer path turned into sidewalk. The sidewalk of concrete went through a very open land and yet residential area. There was one large brick ranch home on the right and I had remembered this from previous dreams as the house where it was about to change paths. In front of this house the path changed because they had large tall grass like plants in front of the house and no room for a sidewalk. So in front of the grass began a slate sidewalk.

The slate was dark and damp and it was in a pattern and after following the path for a while it turned into a very urban area and I felt like I was at a hotel.

 I knew I could stop there and finish but I did not. I kept running happily. Friends found me along the path and wanted to run with me. We ran along slate pathways and then concrete sidewalks that alternated down the urban city center.

Then my memory of it fades and I awoke wanting only to run.