I asked for earplugs- I got an ear infection.

I’ve felt this unnerving shift and a direction of change. I’ve felt this before and I listened to God’s direction so I thought it best I listen again.

I am still and I know that you are with me.

I couldn’t hear the message, because there was so much noise. So much I’ve been an overstimulated baby that’s taken to just being unpleasant and unhappy. I tried so hard to be still, but I could not. I could not be still. My mind would not be still.

My son is headed off to middle school next year. How did this happen so fast? I miss my old dog Luke. My daughter didn’t make the gifted program. Will she be okay? Will she be challenged enough? Should we consider a new private school? ::Puppy:: My dream job was dissolved because of budget cuts- now what? What do we do for summer vacation? Do I want to go to graduate school? When will I have enough time? ::Puppy:: When will my husband and I find time to just be still together? Who is willing to listen to all my thoughts and feelings? ::Puppy:: Should we just move? When am I going to feel better from my illnesses? The kids have to get all their checkups- have they been done? ::Puppy:: The animals need their check ups too! My teaching partner is leaving – will I be okay without her? ::Puppy:: Oh and the house – When are we going to pack up all the things from Christmas… Easter… last summer too? Will I be able to exercise again soon? ::Puppy:: When will I get to meet Chipmunk’s baby? When can I do all of these things? When? How? Why? Why not? ::Puppy::

Puppy – Fine God, I hear you! Mission puppy accomplished. The loudest noise of all was gone. If it felt sudden to get this puppy the noise is why…

All of the noises are gone. I haven’t settled them all, but I’ve found a solution to nearly everything.

Be still.

We named our puppy Jenny. After Jenny and the Summer Day by the Avett Brothers. The lyrics say, “The sun is hot, the wind is cool and we are finally out of school. I’m in love with Jenny and the summer day…”
Jenny and Benny

I am in love with Jenny and the summer day. What else can I say?