Goodbye 2016 – Onward to Good Health!

To update you medically –

My kidneys checked out fine. My right one just drains slower, but there is no damage done to the kidney itself. I have been told I am released from the urologist unless I have further problems. I had a big scan of my kidneys called a renal lasix scan. They inject you with a nuclear medicine and you lay perfectly still for over an hour. My kidneys worked find and then my doctor went back to worrying about the gallbladder. It was a nice long tangent.

I then went through a horrid test called the hida scan. Again you are injected with a nuclear medicine and you stay perfectly still for two hours this time. It made me terribly sick and still came back normal. Normal with an 82% ejection fraction (it spits out more than what is considered normal to some doctors). My doctor of course doesn’t believe this is the source so I went through an upper endoscopy. That’s where you are put under general anesthesia and they put a camera down your throat. They found some healing ulcers and a small hernia, but not the source of my pain. So more results come back in a few weeks. We shall see the outcome, but I’m in at least manageable pain. I just have to eat simple and I can’t exercise without burping for hours on end.

Next is just waiting for results to come in and see if the new medicines help me improve or get rid of my pain.


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