Calling it Good ~ Even When I Ebb

“Can you say your name to me, put mine after yours?
Can we build a house of glass without windows or doors?
Will you learn to love yourself the way I know you should?
Will we find the courage there to call our friendship good?
Call it good, call it good” ~ Avett Brothers Die Then Grow


My New Year’s resolution was to be nicer to myself. A resolution I must continuously work towards.

My behavior reminds me of the part of the Lorax that talks about biggering. The Lorax tells the Once-ler that pride is the thing that drives biggering. Bigger house, bigger review, bigger success, bigger run, bigger… bigger… bigger.  I want to spend more time celebrating and less time biggering.

When do I break my own glass ceiling?

When can I call it good?

I just biggered and biggered all of my running last year. I trained too hard. Ran too many races… asked too much of myself too soon.image

I haven’t been running to allow myself to rest. Finally, with my heel and ankle feeling stronger, I stepped on the treadmill. I looked at the race medals dangling on the wall and I recalled how amazing it was that I accomplished all that I did last year.  I had asked too much of myself… I had biggered on too long.


I should be proud but not too proud to admit defeat… especially with an injury. I am starting at the beginning again and training with the couch to 5k…again. I need to regain my strength in an orderly and gentle way. My goal is to take it slow and easy.

No goal to prove myself… no need to bigger on now.


I can call it good.


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