Being Atreyu Leaving the Swamp of Sadness

Two students walking in opposite directions crossed one another’s path. Like true middle school kids, they were self-absorbed and nearly ran into one another. To avoid the collision they both began to spin around on their toes in a polar opposite twist and narrowly escaped contact. It looked like a well-rehearsed choreographic scene.

Being an artist in moments of chaos.

Like a basketball on the tip of a finger, life is spinning around with centripetal force. The occasional tap to continue spinning. Sometimes nearly about to topple over, but it just keeps spinning on and on. Sometimes there isn’t anything left in our keg to keep going.

Being the person someone else reaches out to and holding their hand tight.

So much negative energy spins around and around sucking everyone down into a whirlpool. The dark fate of the environment has drained the happy-go-lucky souls into the same fateful abyss. The only way out is to help each other be positive.

Being a happy thought ’cause I can’t fly without it……


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