Mile marker 12

Mile 11

There was too much rain for me to embrace my emotions of my first half marathon. Passing mile 12 was going beyond where I’ve ever gone before. It was hard for me to really take in and absorb. I was covered in rain- covered in a poncho–clothes clinging to my skin and water sloshing in my shoes. It was so far beyond my comfort zone it was hard to focus.

I will daydream … for in that moment in time I cherished the only warmth of mile 12 were the warm tears running down my face. I will hold that moment closest to my heart. The only moment I had been able to accept this momentous time in my life all the while my feet were pounding the pavement.

I never found the zone of running in my first half marathon. I never found my full ability to focus on what I was really accomplishing for myself. I was too distracted by the comings and goings of the pellets of rain hitting my body.

I did it… I really did it. I am still in shock. Say 13.1 to me and I would say it was impossible to complete…. impossible to dream and yet here I am. I have done it.


My new students didn’t believe me a few weeks ago when I told them I was training for it. Many of them giggled and talked about how that was simply impossible. Hmmm don’t doubt me now folks. I took some photos and my finishers medal in to share with them. They were in awe about it. A task that seemed impossible for someone like me…. impossible to imagine. An unachievable dream.

I went to see my chiropractor the following day. Do you remember me saying he ran with me to the finish line in a dream? Someone pinch me. This doesn’t seem real. I told him my hips were sore like muscle soreness the day after the run, but that I was otherwise fine. He said, “Well that’s just weird.” Certainly at this point you would think I would have had a harder time. I would be in serious pain… I am not. Sure I had trouble going from a squat to standing the first day post run, but honestly I am okay… truly okay. No pain to really speak of this week.

Remember when I posted that I cried at reaching mile 2 on my treadmill? Now we are ten miles later…. and I’m crying with one more mile still left in my gut.

I asked my husband to run with me. He makes these things look so easy. He picks up things before me. He’s beyond my pace in a matter of no training at all. He stayed with me and coached me on with his positive words. We held hands as we crossed the finish line.

My dad texted me and said I looked like I had more miles within me. I do believe he is right.

Dear world… dear dear world. I am not done yet! I have merely just begun.