Fabulous Fourteen

My life is about to do a topsy turvy switch-a-roo- in the most technical terms of course! My business closes in 14 days and I’ve had some fabulous thoughts this week to outweigh the anxiety of the forthcoming change.

Positive Thoughts

#1 – My friend CC and I made it through the last four years. We made an agreement with the daycare- for the most part we stuck to it. We enjoyed each others children along the way and we are closer now than ever. Love ya- CC! 

#2 – The weather has been so extraordinarily beautiful this week. We’ve spent multiple hours a day outside. We are loving it!

#3 – Technology is wonderful. Even though one of my little pumpkins moved hours away it made me super happy to get to facetime with her. She even read us a story and Maggie read her one too. Love my KatKat. 


#4 – In all this change and craziness around here John has watched the kids so I could run in the morning. I needed to clear my head for sure. 

#5 – I have two fabulous people in my life that celebrated their anniversary this last week. Their company, hospitality, and giving of their time has been a blessing. Happy 1st anniversary, R&R!

#6 – I got some books a few weeks ago and I’ve delved right in… my life since having kids has caused me to not be able to focus in too many books. It’s nice to just shut it all out and go somewhere else between the printed lines of a good book. 

#7 – Alden let me cut his amazing mane. He really hates getting his hair cut… it’s one of those things that he just despises having to have done. He looks so strikingly different… that was a lot of thick red hair. The duck lips I assure you was him mid sentence… not what one could assume. 

alden duck lips

#8 – Money will be tight in the coming weeks, but after looking over our finances as long as we don’t do anything too crazy we will have just enough.

#9 – Maggie has become quite the little acrobat on the new swing set and Alden is super proud he can pump his legs and go very high.  It’s fun to watch them be physically active a good portion of the day.


#10 – I am totally stoked for tomorrow. I’m taking a train to a town a few hours away to meet up with two of my college roommates to wreak some havoc at some Virginia wineries. I don’t have to take the train, but it keeps me from driving home alone late at night. I am looking forward to the alone time and then some sweet sweet company with dear friends. 

#11 – That whole idea of you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. My friend who moved away recently… I’m pretty sure she misses me as much as I miss her. It’s depressing really, but the positive thought is that it feels oddly good to be missed by someone. 


#12 – My friend CL and I got to talk this week. I have missed our long talks…. such a dear dear friend. So often we get lost in random texts it’s nice to just commit to a long phone conversation.

#13 – Thanks to R- my new motto of other people’s drama is not really my own. In real life my own home is filled with quiet and peace… especially after the kids go to bed! Once the door is shut to everyone else’s drama it’s a calm calm sea over here.



#14 – I stayed home to be with my children these last four years. This time is coming to an end for me. Many days during the daycare nap Maggie curls up in my lap and I hold her and rock her until she falls asleep. I could be annoyed or think I’m spoiling her since she’s almost five, but all I really want to do is soak it all in until I’m completely saturated with motherhood. Maggie is a wonderfully polite and kind person and I am glad I was here with her for the last four years. Alden has really enjoyed reading and minecrafting this summer. He’s funny and quirky… I will miss helping him with his homework and seeing his cute little face when he walks home from school. My kids love each other… sure they drive each other crazy and there are times when I wonder if they are killing each other in the backseat…. At the end of the day they adore each other. 

maggie and Luke aj snuggle buddies


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