Overhaul Week!!!! Operation Staycation

We’ve had an amazing week. We left town a week ago for North Carolina. We crashed with my father-in-law and his wife for the night. The day started with a breakfast in bed for my husband and his father for an early father’s day celebration. It was convenient really. All of my babies were gone from the daycare this week so I had a vacation and so we left our kids in North Carolina with Grandpa and Gigi. We drove home and dropped the dog off for the evening and repacked our bags. Saturday night we went to a pool party with John’s friends. We had a blast. Sunday we woke up early and had breakfast with his friends… then the work began. My business closes in about 40 days and we spent this week the two of us having a great time and transforming our home from a business into a home. I will only have five days off before my next job will begin. There is a lot of preparation that needs to take place between now and then.

Our friend Andrew helped us move the treadmill out of our bedroom. It’s been the thing I ram my foot into every morning for two years.
We finished painting the daycare room from pastel green to a nice tan color. We also moved around the furniture from other parts of the house. The dining room became just a dining room and no longer an office as well.
We finished Father’s Day with steaks and salad and visit with my dad.

IMG_6131 IMG_6137 IMG_6136 We spent Monday at our other house- stained the fence, stained the wall around the basement steps, fixed some latches and repaired a french drain,  painted the shed trim and put in a layer of mulch. IMG_6135 IMG_6134 IMG_6133   IMG_6132   That was actually pretty exhausting. We went home and rested up before attacking more projects.   Tuesday John and I put up the kids new swing set which we acquired through some friends who were moving to a space it would not fit. If they move again we’ll just give it back. IMG_6150 IMG_6148 IMG_6145   We took the time to tour a local brewery and had dinner at a nice restaurant in town. IMG_6158   We worked steady by Wednesday to redo our ugly gas log fireplace and transform it into awesomeness. We aren’t entirely done with that piece but we are well on our way. We sanded- primed and painted it as well as paint the interior trim in high heat spray paint. IMG_6154IMG_6161 IMG_6160 IMG_6157 IMG_6156IMG_6178 We put up new curtains in the new office. IMG_6152 We potted some plants in our hanging baskets too.   IMG_6164 We gave our our main bathroom an overhaul. Scrubbing from the ceiling to the floor and replacing the shower curtain. IMG_6169 IMG_6170   I did about six loads of laundry and John mowed the lawn. For Father’s Day I got John a new charcoal grill. So we spent two hours putting that together and made dinner with it. IMG_6183 IMG_6184   We rearranged our bedroom and cleaned it up after the treadmill was removed. It was dusty for sure.   IMG_6173 IMG_6174     Thursday I worked on organizing our dining room and getting rid of clutter. He fertilized the grass. We did more laundry. Then we ventured out to enroll our daughter into kindergarten… ::sigh:: that’s an emotional mess right there. We had lunch at our favorite restaurant and went and shopped for some furniture for our dining room. We picked these two fabulous pieces. IMG_6230 IMG_6229   First things first- put the liquor in the cabinet!!! IMG_6234   Then put away china that’s been stored in a box for about five years. Store the linens and serving utensils in a more appropriate place. It’s been a long time coming, but we are happy to have “grown-up stuff”. IMG_6235 We cleaned up the front porch. IMG_6239 John hung up things that needed to be hung for a while now. IMG_6242 IMG_6243   I cleaned out the van and sorted through some things we gathered from helping a family member close out an estate. It was a lot to sort through. I tried that thing where you put landscaping lights in pots upside down to serve as stands. I couldn’t find enough pots so we just drilled holes in the deck to drop the lights in and it gives us a glow all the way around the trim of the deck. Looks pretty awesome. IMG_6244   Today we have spent time cleaning up all the tools we used this week, hanging curtains and doing some final touches on things. IMG_6252 We love our dining area!!! IMG_6246 IMG_6247 IMG_6250   The best part about the whole week is that we accomplished so much and it feels great to feel more settled into our home… and we didn’t yell.. didn’t fight…we enjoyed each others company and got so much done. We picked our the furniture in total agreement with each other. I’m glad we are such compatible people. It makes life so much fun.


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