One Year of the Blog


This photo was taken from across a park. My daughter apparently desperately thirsty pulled herself onto the water fountain to take a sip. I love this moment because she used her physical strengths to be resourceful for her own needs. My friends may get sick of my talk about running and then reading this blog. The ultimate need for me to quench my thirst of life comes from running and writing. It has been such a journey for me to truly realize those two things to find balance in myself.

The most rewarding thing about this blog is that – even though I talk A LOT in person- many people – even my husband- say they learn something new every time they read a most recent post. Sure this is a form of social media and I have to be pretty gutsy to write about some of the things I have on here, but at the end of the year I have been contacted by so many of readers expressing how moved they have been, how more connected to my inner workings they feel now, how much I helped with something they had been struggling with, and it would be nice if I would slow down so they can catch up with me in real life.

Fun Facts about the Blog

The blogs that had the smallest amount of reads- 

Summing It Up – I have never been able to put things briefly.

The Ebb and Flow of Life – Blog about the connection people make with the “Let it Go” song from Frozen.

Feeling Good Friday – Songs I was obsessed with for a while.

Cape Cod – Our vacation from last year.


Blogs read and shared the most-

I’m Sorry Trayvon – Blog about Trayvon Martin from a teacher of hoodied children.

I want to pick up my kids – About my surgery last fall. This should also fall into the next category.

Are you taking the kids… NO!!! – Our ten year anniversary trip and why it was so important.

Lindenhurst – Part of our anniversary trip last year. Visiting some amazing friends.


Blogs that surprised people about me… 

The Unique Proposal – My husband didn’t propose in the traditional sense of how marriage proposals are expected to go.

Ohhh Sh*t Handles – My irrational anxiety of riding in cars.

It’s all part of the plan... – People who thought I was just flying by the seat of my pants were surprised to realize things are going exactly as I had planned regarding my career.

1 out of 365 – The story of a lost friend that was a transforming moment of my life and shaped me into who I am today.


I have thoroughly enjoyed writing these – long winded – opinionated – passionate- poetic – honest –  blogs. If you joined me for this amazing year thank you for reading and following along.

Do tell… What was your favorite blog of the year? Is there another blog you’d like for me to write? 



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