I Hope the Trail is Visible in My Children’s Eyes

Learning Through Teaching

I had a bout of insomnia lastnight while I was thinking about something our pastor said during the sermon yesterday~ “Those who seem to know the most, can see the least.” I have been teaching a class at church on how to be an active ally. Last Thursday I invited our pastor to speak on defending yourself in a scripture battle. He spoke on six scriptures commonly used when people degrade homosexuality. I often think of Luke 6:31- Do unto others as you would have done unto you. One such person that was using one of the six scriptures in a discussion against homosexuality said to me, “I tell homosexuals that they are wrong and that they are sinners, because if I was doing something so devious against human nature that is listed as an abomination in the Bible I would want someone to treat me the same as I am treating homosexuals.” This person wont even speak of my church or humor speaking with my pastor. She seeks no understanding of homosexuals. She said, “I am loving my neighbors as Jesus asked us to do. I am loving them by showing them what the Bible says about homosexuality and they are wrong. I am loving them by treating them as abominations. In today’s society I can’t stone them to death, but I can banish them from my life.” 

Those who seem to know the most, can see the least

~ likely caused by a large thorn in their eye~

There was a beautiful picture of a gay couple embracing in my facebook newsfeed yesterday. I realized that none of their family had liked or commented on their photo. It was a breathtaking photo and moving to see their love and embrace captured digitally. It hurt my soul. I have family members part of the LGBT community and I tell you I could never choose to banish them, but for so many people allies like myself are the only family people from the LGBT community actually have. They spend holidays alone and families use themselves as some barter or ultimatum hoping that the person will choose their family over their own sexuality. In the end many persons choose to hide their true selves under a blanket in the eyes of their family and some realize that their sexuality isn’t something they can just keep hidden under a bushel… when you put this ultimatum on the line you will lose your LGBT family member either physically or in the truth of who they are inside. 

Show Your Acceptance Anyway You Can

I was invited to a Thanksgiving party by a gay couple and there were so many people there… I’m thinking close to thirty. My husband and I joked that I was the only female and out of all the people at the party he was the only one that found women sexually attractive. We were expecting something more intimate and were surprised by the intensity of this Thanksgiving feast and we were seated at a small card table with another couple. One person looked at me and said, “Thank you all for being here. You have no idea what it means to us to have you here.” I sort of blew off the comment with soft silliness. He with strong affirmation said, “No, you. have. to. understand. This to many people here… this IS THEIR Thanksgiving. I count myself lucky that my family loves me. I can’t say the same for many other people here. This will be the only hospitality they receive this Thanksgiving.” 

The Trailblazer

Pastor Joe has started calling me The Trailblazer. I’m not the first to travel this path of being a straight ally, but it isn’t traveled enough as a Christian. The weeds and brush are blocking the path and I hope that I am clearing a larger area for likeminded people. In the future I hope to see fewer LGBT friends in isolation on holidays. It seems silly to look at facebook likes, but I can only imagine the power that it must have on ones heart to know that showing their love is okay and not to keep it hidden but to embrace it. 


Onward Christian Ally

I stood in front of the congregation yesterday and talked about my class, the first of its kind, with full intention of teaching it again, and again and again until this path I am on is clear of the thorns of judgement that have snagged me on my way. It is unlike me to stand in front of so many, but my passion drives me to do good unto others with love… with love. Christian love is showing hospitality not banishment. I trudge on with the burrs I have gathered off of my pants with the coarse words said against my actions. As ugly as it is a burr does contain a seed… I hope to pull them away from all of their sharpness and plant them. I want to see my hard work grown into a beautiful bloom and in the reflection of my children’s eyes so that they may see the trail clearly and peacefully.



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