I dreaded 33

In retrospect I feel silly, but I really did dread turning 33. I don’t normally dislike birthdays. I was so apprehensive of it and in the end it may go down as one of the best years of my life.

I kept saying there is something about that twin double digit that unnerved me. I’m not dreading 34 at all and I am truthfully looking forward to it. What magically and amazing things it may have in store for me?

A few weeks before my 33rd birthday.

List of things I enjoyed learning about me during 33 and chronological photos to boot.

1.Healthy friendships- There were a few relationships that were negatively bringing me down. Some of the relationships were so bad that I found I was comfort eating just to be in their presence or when speaking with them. I was able to identify the problem- pinpoint who made me feel that way and now when I encounter such people I have a good control over it. This helped me control anxiety and my weight loss. These were poor relationships that made me question my self worth, my relationship with my husband, and negative energy that I couldn’t sustain anymore.


2. Started this blog. I don’t get out of the house often and this blog has given me time to talk to those who wanted to listen. It has allowed me to grow in gumption which was the point. Accepting that I am far more introverted than I wanted to admit.


3. Weight loss- I’m down quite a bit at this point. I started with a low GI diet and hit a wall. Then I tried weight watchers and I had a lot of success with that and then hit a wall. Then I tried just low calorie and again- hit a wall… Then I tried a rotation suggested by my obgyn where I ate 2 or 3 days low carb on my non- running days and then the rest low cal and I couldn’t do that it was too much to juggle. So now I’m doing 5 days low carb 5 days low cal- alcohol only on the weekends. Occasionally I have cheated on this and had a couple of drinks.


4. Running. This time last year I wasn’t even running yet and now I run all the time. I used to walk with a lot of pain a 28ish minute mile and now I can run 2 miles in 25 and half minutes. It can happen for me it’s just a slow process. I end up at the chiropractor from time to time, but running 11+ miles a week would send many people there not just someone like me. A year ago I couldn’t roll over in the bed or go down the steps first thing in the morning without my hips and SI joints aching in pain. 474986_10151392541921793_182906720_o

5. My hormones are far more balanced than they have been in years previous. Think never been better. I have PCOS- which is a condition that causes your body to hold a lot of fat on the mid-section, lowers your metabolism and can even cause insulin resistance. You can do your own research and I will spare you the details. A person with PCOS has to work a whole lot harder to maintain weight than the average person. It is the condition to which doctors told me at 17 that I would never have children without assistance. I am so grateful for my two beautiful children… more than most of you have any idea.


6. Surgery- something I have wanted for years finally came through. The relief from the pain I was in is so much better. I have had one day where my shoulders hurt and I took a trip to the chiropractor and that all worked out. I am so excited about shopping for clothes for this spring and summer. No longer will I have to wear a size 18 dress to fit the top when my bottom half is a 12!


7. I love traveling by train. I love being in company with my husband. Someone said recently that they were surprised in my blog by how much I admire my husband. This just makes me chuckle. Sure he leaves laundry on the floor, he never sets his alarm clock and can’t find a damn thing on his own, but I do adore him. I think he’s pretty flipping awesome.


8. My children are growing up too fast. My son turns 8 in two weeks. He’s a couple of months shy of being a 3rd grader. I just think of him being the tiniest little fella in my arms and rubbing our noses together. My daughter is 4 and is starting to read. She will go to kindergarten in August. They are in a love hate relationship. Maggie came home in the worst mood yesterday. Griping about anything and everything. I told her, “Maybe you should get away from the other kids and just go snuggle your brother.” She smirked ” NO way! He’s mean.” Five minutes later she’s on the sofa leaning on him under a blanket that they are sharing.


9. I can surround myself with people I truly enjoy their company. My little village of friends is amazing and supportive. My church family is so wonderful too. I am blessed by the people who want to be an active part of our lives and not just acquaintances.


10. I know we have a cat and I can “stand” her, but I’m a dog person and there really is no doubt about it now. Old man winter- Luke- is having a rough day today. He doesn’t feel well and he truly has been the best dog ever. He’s deaf now. I have to stomp at the back door so he knows it’s time to come in and he barks at the vibrations of the trains far in the distance. Benson is my running buddy and he’s good on a leash- he will not stay in the yard. His more recent thing isn’t digging or climbing or scooting out a gate. His new thing is to jump on the edge of the kids trampoline and jump over the fence from there.


11. Music- I got to see the Avett Brothers in June and then Will Hoge again last weekend. I realized that my anxiety and stress went down the more music I listened to every day. It really helped me to have more music in my life.

Photos a year apart…

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