Top 25

I’m going to start a list of things I’m looking forward to ending or beginning in the next five months when my business closes. 

1. Insurance changes- homeowners- car- health… all of it will change.

2. 11 hour days five days a week. Teachers work a lot of work hours outside of the regular day I haven’t forgotten that, but my doors open at 7am and close at 6pm every week day. 

3. Being on salary again- time off- sick days- personal days- vacation days

4. More alone time with my kids. 

5. Having the daycare room be an office/workout room. The dining room currently serves as a place for John’s guitars and the office too. The treadmill and weights are in our bedroom. 

6. Kids toys stay upstairs in their room. Because the daycare is downstairs they feel the need to bring their toys down and mix them all in frequently.

7. Bye Bye baby stuff. All the pack-n-plays- single- double- and triple stroller. Oh what a relief to just have less stuff. 

8. Less cupboard- freezer- refrigerator – and dish cabinet space. I may just go out and buy all new dishes at the end of this. I’m so sick of looking at plastic kid crap. 

9. Less cleaning. Table tops. Floors. Bathroom filth. Trash. Diapers- ick. Glass- doors -windows and mirrors… smudge smudge.

10. Dishes… I can not say enough about dishes. The cleaning- the storage- their presence. 

11. Cook for just four people including myself instead of nine people on most days. I would like to enjoy cooking again… for now it is what can I shove together as quickly as possible with as little clean up as possible. 

12. Games- puzzles- toys and unnecessary things that I keep merely because of the business and now because of my own actual children. 

13. Wear real clothes instead of spit-up worthy attire. 

14. Not having to have John cover me for every hair cut, dentist appointment, or voting, but to just schedule them for after school and be on  my way without bothering anyone to help me. 

15. To -in the rare occasion- use a sick day- in which I set up my lesson and call in the sub and take care of myself… instead of shut down at least four families for the day scrambling to figure out what they will do for childcare or their own jobs and after much grief take care of myself. Or better yet not have to have a sub in my home and try resting while children squeal in the other rooms.

16. Taxes… oh my to just file taxes on a much simpler level. This wont happen for another year at this point. 

17. Leave my house. There are days sometimes in a row that I don’t make it past the front step of my own home. 

18. Groceries- to just purchase what milk- juice- toilet paper- paper towels- bread that my own family actually consumes.

19. Water bill- power bill- gas bill—- really what a change when the house doesn’t need to go for so many people all day long. 

20. Kid crap out of our bedroom. 

21. Privacy. Not having my home on display for everyone to see every day. 

22. Not have to shovel snow first thing in the am and put down ice melt before dawn so no one slips and busts their hind parts on my sidewalk. 

23. Not have to send John on every errand for our family but actually be able to do some of them on my own. Stop and grab milk or pick up medicine. 

24. Time for some exercise on my own free to run the neighborhood or a class if I so choose… instead of being here with workout videos and a treadmill. 

25. Time for my house- inside and out. I may be here but it’s impossible for me to wash a car or take down the trash. I wish I just had more time to do simple things like that. 



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