It’s all part of the plan….

I’m sure I’ve thrown a few people off when referring to going back to the classroom the last few weeks. I had one person say that I couldn’t wait to get away from those babies! One person asked if my business was doing okay.

don't lick my face
Although my son finds it absolutely hilarious to ask to take a picture and try to lick my face in the process… I know that being home for him the last three and a half  years was valuable and precious time.

Really everything is fine… calm yourself. I left teaching to be home with my two kids and when I resigned my son had been struggling adapting to all the changes in childcare. I didn’t want that for my daughter either. When I created this childcare business I promised my best friend Crystal that I would watch her daughters until preschool. It was a promise.

There have been days where I questioned my own sanity. There have been days where I missed adolescents. There are days where I’ve missed talking about FDR and trench warfare, but really I’ve been teaching the last four years. These three year olds know their alphabet, many songs, body parts, counting, phonics, shapes and colors… they can even spell their names and in some cases other peoples names too. I have been teaching it has just been different. I miss my colleagues…. I miss laughing with them and enjoying our time together. I keep in touch with my clients, but colleagues have paddled the rough waters with you. This one I’ve gone alone.

I am done changing diapers and I am done having my house entered by multiple people twice a day. They are nice folks and I’ve done nothing but bond with my clients. They are my good friends, but I’d like to not have so much happening. I’d like to get rid of all the baby stuff too!  Also it is important to mention that Maggie will be going to kindergarten this fall and will no longer need me home and both kids will go to after school care. We’ve been making “enough” to get by for the last four years and I’m ready for a raise.

mags tail
My daughter and I have spent so much time with each other that some days I just need some space, but I would not take back this decision to stay with her for even a second.

My clients are well aware that my daycare will close at the end of the summer- much to their disappointment. All of the girls will go to preschool but not the youngest child. One of the parents said to me- ‘I may just have to stop by your house on the way home from work so we can talk to each other. I may simply just go into withdrawal from you.” I will miss the adults, but mostly the children. Some of them I’ve held since the day they were born. I’ve kissed their booboos and snuggled them back to sleep. Their parents have entrusted me with their most precious packages and I will miss them and the bonds we’ve made.

My two loves.

I am currently applying to teach again. I am looking forward to leaving the house every day. I’m looking forward to the clothes that don’t need to be snot and spit-up proof. I am looking forward to colleagues. I am looking forward to adolescents that I can carry a conversation with that doesn’t involve whether or not they peed in their pull-up at nap time or if I need to put them in a time out for saying Nana-nana-boo-boo.


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