When You One Up- You Are Really Two Down

man on a boat
Man on a Boat- by my mother

I have realized recently that there is a person around that is in a competition with me and I didn’t know we were competing. I have been completely unaware. It’s almost like a mean girls competition from middle school. I feel like the person is trying to insult my wellbeing, my parenting, my husband, my children and mostly me… maybe they’ve just become disillusioned by me somehow. Maybe, I failed them somehow. I’m not sure what has caused these poorly chosen words used towards me.

My mom used to have this rule that if a girl was being mean to you that girl ultimately was jealous of something you have and you may never know what it is. My mother didn’t encourage us to be mean back or tell us to step down either. It was more important to our mother for us to understand that jealousy caused this tacky treatment.  In this particular situation, I feel like I’ve been running to get to the finish line just to finish for myself and nothing else and along comes this competitor making snide remarks about my stride along the way and hollering back at me as they cross the turn to say, “Nana-nana-booboo I’m faster and better than you.” Seriously, are we not adults? Did I not treat you with decency somehow? Did I make you feel as though you needed to defend yourself? If so, I would sincerely apologize, because that was not my intent.

Moms painting
Scenic painting by my mom.

This behavior was modeled in front of my daughter. What exactly does this model say to the next generation about us in this adult bragging and mudslinging? It sets an example that she’s already learning so young. I simply bow out and ask that you rethink your approach. Please, take the finish line first… I’m going to mosey on about my way and I will be there eventually, but for now I’m going to enjoy the journey of my run. I’m going to breath in deep the fresh air of the mountains and take long exhales while I cruise the valleys of my surroundings.


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