Halloween Costumes

My friend requested this blog—- Halloween Costumes- I’m very opinionated about not pouring a fortune into kids clothing. I mean I like for my kids to look clean and neat, but some of this stuff is just OVER the top…. Halloween costumes are maybe my one thing I like to spend money on for the fun of it, but I try not to spend too much and I shop around for the right thing at the right price.

So here are my shopping for costume tips in respect of being fiscally responsible and having a good time.

Alden's costume scored from amazon... super cute. shipped and fit perfectly.
Alden’s 2006 costume scored from amazon… super cute. shipped and fit perfectly. Maybe $25

Make a decision for what you are looking for before you ever leave the house- let the kids see stuff online and ask well in advance as to what they want. If they don’t care- great this makes things sooo flexible, but otherwise know exactly what they want and all decisions are final.

1. If your child isn’t too picky something like a Costume Swap is a great idea- Check out your local swaps.

Alden's 2007 costume- Purchased second hand at Once Upon a Child- he wore it for years. Just got rid of it this year in 2013
Alden’s 2007 costume- Purchased second hand at Once Upon a Child- he wore it for years. Just got rid of it this year in 2013 – Less than $10

It’s too late to swap here in Roanoke, but maybe next year….Roanoke’s Costume Swap.

2. Goodwill– I have found some hilarious things at the thrift store. You may find exactly what you are looking for, but if your costume is like a witch or something you can make happen in this fashion do it!!!

Fall 08 059
2008- Alden’s costume purchased from ebay. He wanted to be an itsy bitsy spider. We made it happen and thank the Lord I plan ahead. It shipped from China and took forever. Then it didn’t fit to the charted size. I had to cut the legs off the costume and put the top with some slacks he already had. $ 25 max.

3. Consignment sales and stores– I have gotten plenty of Halloween Costumes and play clothes at Once Upon a Child– click here and find one near you. They even Halloween t-shirts and hair clips for the season….I should add I get them a size too big when I do buy them. Alden has been wearing the same Halloween shirt since he was 4!!! I just store it in the Halloween bin every year and get it out so it is not over used.

4. Ask in advance for gifts– one of the coolest presents we got was for our baby shower. Someone picked up a baby costume on the clearance rack. Saved me a lot of stress when our daughter had her first Halloween.

5. Rent them– If your child wants something random- you’d be surprised what you can rent from the local store- actually it’s rather scary.

2009- Alden’s costume was purchased from amazon and Maggie’s was a baby shower gift. – Maybe $30

6. Amazon and Ebay– Yes they have awesome costumes. Read carefully the reviews and the shipping. Many of the costumes are shipped directly from China- the sizes are wrong and the shipping takes FOREVER! —- I speak from experience. 

Halloween 2010
2010- Alden’s costume was purchase from ebay- I ordered early and larger. Maggie’s I made from a pattern. I spent more money on this one- closer to $50, but it was by far my favorite.

7. Etsy– if you want something unique and you are willing to pay for someone’s craftiness this is the place to go!!!!

Maggie's costume was purchased at k-mart. Black tights at Once Upon a Child and she already owned the shoes. Alden's costume was a $5 score at a yard sale and hairspray paint from K-mart.
Maggie’s costume was purchased at k-mart. Black tights at Once Upon a Child and she already owned the shoes. Alden’s costume was a $5 score at a yard sale and hairspray paint from K-mart.

8. K-martWalmartTarget I shop online personally. I read the reviews and pick out the best costumes from each place and make checkout boxes for each company. Also pay close attention to those shipping dates- yes they ship them separately. If you get all the costumes from one location you can get free shipping!

9. The Disney Store– again pricey but I’m sure they are lovely costumes.

2012- John had shirts made for us as animal control officers. Alden was a puppy again- Score! Maggie was a black kitten. I used scraps from my mom to make the tail and ears. She wore her black leotard and black slacks. $20 for the entire family.

10. Post it on Facebook exactly what you are looking for- If I had it in my closet I would loan it to my friends. I know I would. My kids like to keep their costumes every year…. so they don’t get passed on very often, but it doesn’t mean I can’t loan it out for a few nights!

Sneak Peek for 2013- Spent less than $50 by getting free shipping and ordered from Walmart. It was cheaper than K-mart and Target when I compared them. They got exactly what they wanted and I saved my sanity by not trying to make them or run around store to store. They picked them out from the computer at home. I take sanity this time…

11. If you can sew you could always make your own. Find good Halloween Patterns here. I have done that and it was probably my most favorite of all… Going to second hand stores you can find used patterns there too… just keep your eyes on the look out for them. I know I have some stored in the closet myself- again I would loan it out if I knew someone needed it!


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