Feeling Good Friday- My week in review. Folks I’ve seen in concert.

mags and ben
Maggie and Benson on the new dog beds. Having a one year old lab is like having another toddler running around. My husband thought it a good idea to get them some new beds… I don’t think they will actually use them and this was my attempt to encourage them to do so.

It has been an interesting week with lots of craziness. My husband had work related things Saturday, Monday and Thursday nights- makes for a lonely Momma. Our daughter was sick with a virus Sunday to Tuesday. My friend’s husband had an emergency appendectomy and I went to be with her Wednesday… still feeling tired. It has been a long long week.  I’m so happy to see Friday!

My husband and I have been trying a new cleaning routine- what we were doing wasn’t working. As with many things, I should have taken before and after pictures. We have been following FlyLady and following her cleaning routine plan. Some of it we already did, but we’re taking it slow and making small changes. On our ten year anniversary trip, which you can read about by going to July on the blog, was amazing and we came away with two thoughts for improving our relationship from there. 1. Don’t wait so long to spend time together alone and 2. Our house makes us unhappy and we need to simplify. It might be clean and organized enough for someone else, but it doesn’t mean it’s good enough for us.

Next Friday, I am really looking forward to though because my college roommate is coming for the weekend. She comes every year for a weekend in October and I love it when she comes!

I am in need of some more blog suggestions- It’s interesting my more serious personal blogs have the most reads followed by the more religious posts followed by parenting. The more relaxed and silly ones are not read as often- like this one.

This weeks listening while you work- a list of some folks  I’ve seen in concert

My first concert- Bryan Adams


Tom Waits

Gillian Welch

The Avett Brothers

After I put the kids to bed, I went upstairs to check on them. The kids had put the bigger of the two dog beds in their room (mind you these are brand new). This is how I found Maggie about 10 pm. She had snuck out of her bed and made herself quite comfortable. At least the beds are getting used…

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