Musical Memory Tour

You don’t think about it until you hear a song, but sometimes when you hear a song it makes you think of someone or something you did. Some people in our lives make us think of special song.

Today’s blog will require headphones if you are sneaking and reading at work (not that any of my readers would do that) – I apologize for the inconvenience.

I have found that music is more therapeutic than I realized and over time it has blessed me with many moments. Some of them are sad, some of them are happy, but all of them are special.

This is a list of songs that remind me of other people… and why.

Our wedding was amazing and I am still moved, but this is the song after we were announced husband and wife.

A few weeks before my friend Sally died we discussed how we love John Prine- especially Angel From Montgomery and his version of the song is the best. She was very special to me in college and was tragically killed by a drunk driver. A blog for her will be in the future, but I’m just not ready yet.

My aunt Peggy who was taken from us far too soon was more like a cousin because she was so much younger than her siblings. She spent a lot of time with the cousins instead of her siblings and because of that we have some special memories of her. In my young preteen to teen years.. of early to late 90s, Peggy would visit and she was that cool older kid that could drive you places. So in the summer we would roll down the windows and crank up the Metallica. Most people remember her as being a Grateful Dead fan, but my memory will always be filled with her when Metallica comes on.

My mom went to Liberty University and sang in their chorus. She still loves to sing and all kinds of songs that make me think of her. The Carpenters, Toni Braxton, Shania Twain, numerous hymns… the list goes on…

The entire Sound of Music movie! Ha – here is one for my Mom. This reminds me of rainy days and car trips…

For my friend Jenna- Poppin’ Tags!

This one reminds me of John’s mom. Whenever she starts talking about the good ole days she starts singing this song.

and this one too

Granny Bryant’s favorite song- She always asked John to play it when we visited. So he’d bring his acoustic guitar and strum away for her singing and playing this several times every visit. It never got old to see someone so pleased by her grandson playing her favorite tune.

My Dad- We went to see Rush with my Dad. It was one of the best concerts we’ve ever been to, but my dad loves music too. You could include Metallica, Queen, Marc Cohn, again the list goes on…. he loves music.

For my friend April- There are so many songs that remind me of her, but this reminds me of our friendship.

For my friend Ingrid- This was like the anthem of our senior year of high school. Ingrid and I spent lots of time together that year. When I hear it I think of her. Miss you muah!

John’s Dad. Now this isn’t his favorite song, but at our wedding we didn’t have our car and John’s dad had his. My mom forgot the music for our wedding. We only had the songs for during the ceremony and John’s dad only had the Best of James Taylor in the car…. so we had a lot of James Taylor playing at our wedding. This is my favorite James Taylor song. Because of this every time we hear James Taylor it reminds us of our wedding. Best mess up ever 🙂

This could very well be my father in laws song… all the Hokies understand.

For my friend Tonya- Sorry to out you like this but I can’t help but remember you wearing pajama pants in college with a hairbrush as a microphone… good times singing Britney Spears.

This is just a “short” list and one that I’ve always wanted to write down so I didn’t forget them. I love music and this doesn’t even touch on my own personal favorites. I hope you enjoyed it especially those included in it. In the comment section or on fb list any songs that when you hear them make you think of me and return the favor. 🙂


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