Be part of the blog… What do you want to know?

Our pastor urged us to do something new for the next 6 months. I laughed when he mentioned an example of not running the dishwasher and hand washing one load of dishes by hand a week. I couldn’t help but laugh. I run the dishwasher once a day sometimes twice and always seem to have something to do by hand. I couldn’t help but laugh. I think he thought I was laughing at the idea of taking the time to do that, but really I found it amusing. He is going to be calling three people a day and asking them what they need prayers for and then he will spend the next day praying for them. I think it is an awesome idea. John and I have been struggling with even choosing what we will do for the next 6 months. We immediately thought we should purge our house. There is just so much stuff and it is smothering. So we’ve decided on that one to do as a couple, but I couldn’t for the life of me think of what to do for my personal assignment. 

I can’t help but focus on this change and what I am to do with it. I’m already doing so much different than I was 6 months before this… I’m blogging, running, taking time for myself, taking a pottery class (yeah with a wheel), letting go of people I am not enough for anymore, talking to new doctors and dealing with new things… so what can I do to switch it up more? In this upheaval of change I have already created, it is hard to say what will need to happen and for me that is what makes it hard. I have already signed myself up to do so many things for me. 

So I’ve decided I’m going to blog one topic a week with a topic provided by my regular readers.  I have some readers about 30 that are reading every single blog post… this is mostly for them. The I wish she would write one about…. You can pick from the following topics~ marriage~ faith ~ motherhood/parenting ~ running ~ owning your own business~ finances ~ health ~ gumption ~ teaching. So if you’ve had something you wish someone was a little more honest about, advice or just wanted to pick my brain but didn’t have time to bring it. For example one that I hear often is- John is hilarious. I mean how do you live with him at home… you must laugh all the time? (many are serious they want an honest answer- awkward)  Another I hear often is- How did you potty train 3 girls at once? Another~ Give me a day in the life of while you are working… what do you really do? How do you get it all done? 


If you cant think of one now that’s fine I’ve got 6 months to do this.

They can be personal but be careful what you post in public…. I screen all my comments on here so you can comment and say you don’t want it posted to everyone or otherwise it will be posted as a comment anyone can read. If you are a FB follower you can comment to the link on my page to this or you can message me in private. Nothing uncouth please since my former students, family, church family, and colleagues read these and are on FB. 

I’m looking forward to it. Make it fun and informative.

~ April~



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