~Cape Cod~

photo (57)Monday we rented a car out of Boston and drove to Duxbury, Massachusetts. Many think we named our son Alden John after the pilgrim John Alden and that’s not true. We found the name in a baby book and it was the name of a character from a movie John was in year ago. We just liked it. In Duxbury, Massachusetts you can visit John Alden’s house and surprisingly it’s in amazing condition. You can also visit his gravesite, but we didn’t do that. We visited a local restaurant, the post office, and an antique store. It’s a cute little town. photo (47)

View from our room

We drove onto the cape and into Barnstable, Massachusetts to our bed and breakfast the Lamb and Lion Inn. Our room was very comfortable… not fancy and not drab either… just comfortable. It has a direct door straight to the pool which is not offered by all of the other rooms. The hosts Ali and Tom were around when we needed them, talkative, friendly and left us alone as well. The breakfast was good with a variety of options between bagels, cereal, coffee cake, yogurt and fresh fruits. My favorite part was the pool and hot tub.

Walking on the beach near Hyannis Port
Walking on the beach near Hyannis Port

I did my running on the cape for the couch to 5k program. I ran along Main Street in Barnstable. We ran on both Monday and Wednesday, but in oposite directions from the inn. I started jogging on Wednesday and although I moved slow I was able to jog and entire 5k without stopping. The jog along the road wasn’t easy because it is a tiny paved path that only fit one of us single file. There were bumps, cracks, sand and mud along the way with lots of hills as well. This was a big deal for me as I have made such a great amount of progress even in the last month and since I have only allowed myself to train on the treadmill. I will walk on the greenway in Roanoke and around the Grandin Rd area, but for my actual couch to 5k I found it best to stick to the treadmill. It was important for my bruised heel that I didn’t change the incline too much so this was a big deal for me to branch out like this. I am at the end of the program and only have one workout left. After I complete the program I’m supposed to run a 5k, but I don’t see one coming soon- let me know if you know something I don’t. I will continue working on my 5k speed and endurance for a while and I plan on picking up the couch to 10k program since being on a program like that keeps me focused, but I am not in any hurry or trying to get in over my head either. photo (51)

Ok… back to the vacation. We checked in at the inn and then went out to a terrible dinner… I’m not one to complain about service but we didn’t have a good experience as our waitress took a long time, my chicken wasn’t cooked all the way, John’s thin crust pizza was served on a tortilla shell, there was no apology and it was overall disappointing. Then we went to the nearby beach and relaxed. photo (50)Tuesday we did laundry at this cute place with wifi and we watched Louis CK on the laptop- fancy I know. We stopped by the beach and had dinner at a fabulous pizza place called Mike’s Pizza this time our food was perfect. photo (55)We took a joy ride down the cape and cranked up the Avett Brothers Carpenter album with the windows rolled down…ahhhh. We enjoyed time in the pool and the hot tub as well. Wednesday we went to a cute beach called Seagull beach and then did some shopping in Hyannis.

Crazy piles of seashells on SeaGull beach
Crazy piles of seashells on SeaGull Beach
John is there on the rocks looking like Rocky
John is there on the rocks looking like Rocky

We packed and got ready for our departure. Relaxed in the pool and hot tub and had a lovely dinner at Black Sheep Bah & Grill.

We are currently on a train bound for NYC where we will enjoy the Macy’s 4th of July festivities.

Again forgive me for my errors as I am typing on a bouncy train.

Happy 4th of July my friends.


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