Star City of the South to the City of Brotherly Love

Friday, we left for our 10 year anniversary trip. The next few entries will be sharing our trip with you.


Thursday- our kids were picked up and the pets were prepped and I had everything organized (darn cranes). So we visited the Village Grill and had some drinks.Image

Friday -we were up and out the door by 5:15 and we rode the bus from downtown Roanoke, Virginia to Lynchburg, Virginia then onto Amtrak heading to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We took time to talk, read and listen to music. Getting to Philadelphia was a breeze. Once there though, man we were confused by where the heck we were going, but it was really fabulous. Yes, lost and confused in Philadelphia and fabulous…. The 30th street station is absolutely amazing and beautiful. The problem was we didn’t understand that to catch the subway you had to walk outside and cross the street to the subway station. Super helpful people helped us along the way. Just random people willing to help – One helped get my bag unstuck from the door. We took the stair exit once and were attempting to carry our baggage up a huge flight of stairs, but do not distress… you are in the city of brotherly love and along comes a gentlemen who carried my luggage. I could keep going but I wont. I was afraid to say anything for fear of a “jinks” in my impression of Philadelphia, but really every single elevator that could be held was… every ticket person… every store owner… every waitress…  I mean truly every single person we encountered was inviting, helpful and kind.


We stayed at a lovely small hotel right near the water and it was right next to the highway, but you couldn’t hear it. Not wheelchair friendly, I would say, but it was right there near everything we wanted to see and a block from the subway line that took us directly where we needed to go.

I love history… especially American history. We knew that getting married the day after the 4th of July would be fun and yet pose certain challenges when it came to celebrate our marriage. For me that normally means doing something that involves history. Yes! So having never been the Philadelphia and knowing we only had a short window of time to see things I made a very short list- Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. The goal for Philadelphia was to see those two things, take a break from train riding and most importantly relax.


We walked up to the Liberty Bell, but the line was the longest the attendent said he’d seen in ages. So we walked to Independence Hall which was sold out for the day which was fine I just liked looking at it and just simply being there.


So we decided to stroll some more and took a walk to Washington Square and I’m pretty sure this is where Philadelphia stole my heart. The park is shaded with huge trees and lots of benches filled with people reading and relaxing. The centerpiece of Washington Square is the tomb of the unknown soldier. Image That is when it began to rain. But it’s not like us to let a little rain ruin our day so we decided to go have some beer before our dinner reservations. I should add that all of the places we visit on our trip we have vowed only to eat local and no national chains. So we had drinks at Philadelphia Bar and Restaurant on 2nd street. I sampled a local beer by Brew Works called Steelgaarden made in Bethlehem, PA. It was delicious and so was the restaurants hummus appetizer.


We then set off to get ready for our dinner reservations at Panorama Ristorante. It was absolutely out of our element and wonderful. We’ve never paid that much for a meal even for all four us, but we were not at all disappointed! We even had dessert we never do that.

After dinner, we walked down 2nd street and visited a cute little wine shop called Pinot. We bought a bottle of very sweet white wine called Whitewash by Paradocx Vineyard located in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

This morning, we got up and had a wonderful breakfast at the hotel. They had tons of fresh fruit which was awesome. Then we made our way to the Liberty Bell and this time the line was very short. We went through and it was simply amazing. It doesn’t really look real. I guess it’s gone through so much restoration, but it’s pretty awesome regardless.


We are currently back on the train and heading to Boston. I loved Philadelphia and I’m digging Amtrak as well.

I’m sure there are a ton of weird errors in this post and I will fix them later when the screen isn’t jiggling on a train~ until then forgive me.

Soaked in the elevator, but having a blast.



One thought on “Star City of the South to the City of Brotherly Love

  1. You two are so cute! Glad you enjoyed my old home town. The historic district of downtown Philly is very cool! I used to always think, “Man, I bet Benjamin Franklin was walking around drunk RIGHT here!”

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