Don’t Lose Yourself In Toddler Tunes.

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My coworkers may remember a bulletin board that was posted around Thanksgiving several years ago. We were all given paper plates on which to write what we were thankful for as a faculty member. It was posted where anyone could read it. Mine said- “I’m thankful for Johnny Cash” Anyone who has followed my ’30 days of thanks’ knows that I am quite thankful for a great deal of things, but at that moment Johnny Cash was instrumental in my life. Obviously, my plate had quite a few people tickled and curious as to what it really meant. Some thought it was a joke.

Since I started working from home, I lost those few moments to myself since I am home with a bunch of children. I became surrounded by toddler tunes, kids tv shows and lullaby music during nap time. I found it quite depressing and it took me a while to pinpoint what it was that was missing. Now that I’ve got that figured out. I get Pandora pumping on my iphone and my headphones are in while the kids play…. while I run… while they nap… while I cook…. It’s very soothing and therapeutic for me. Music is therapy and many times as parents we get wrapped up in shows for our kids or toddler tunes and lullabies on repeat. My husband and I made a rule that in our car we would only play our music- our safe zone from toddler tunes. So while struggling to balance my teacher life and mom life the only time I got to really just be me was in the car on the way to work. So Johnny Cash, during that Thanksgiving, was the CD of choice and when I needed to really regroup and pump myself up I would blast my favorite songs on the way to work. It was my therapy… my release … a moment to myself and to be myself.

I encourage parents to allow their children to hear music that isn’t all “London Bridge Is Falling Down” and ” Miss Mary Mack”- It doesn’t hurt them. It teaches them variety and style, but most importantly individualism. So turn the toddler tunes down for a while and embrace your own love in music.


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